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As the leader in Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics, Shiloh is the smart analytics solution for retail suppliers around the world.

Shiloh offers an innovative and proven suite of BI solutions designed to master your big data. By applying advanced technology, statistics and science, we can quickly deliver vital information you can use to take your business to the NEXT level.  This comprehensive SaaS tool is the answer for companies who want a single platform that can be leveraged across the entire organization. Every department, any skill level, all insight.

ShilohNEXT’s powerful analytics engine gives you even greater flexibility, visibility and deeper insights across your entire business. Unlock actionable insights to improve your bottom line through reporting, forecasting, inventory management, advanced order writing and more.

GATHER. Collect, harmonize and streamline your data through a secure, privately-hosted cloud platform.

CLARIFY. Translate raw information from multiple sources into your company’s own preferred language.

ANALYZE. Analyze the data for actionable insights, revealing hidden risks and opportunities across multiple areas.

How Shiloh can help drive your sales to the NEXT level?

  • Improve Forecasting
  • Increase In-Stock
  • Better Analytics & Automated Reporting
  • Improve Promotions & Product Launch
  • Price & Margin Management and more

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Weather Trends International

Based in the Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem, PA) Weather Trends International’s proprietary forecasting technology provides its clients a year ahead weather forecast with business strategy recommendations by market, by week for 3,931 markets in 129 countries.


CROSSMARK is a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods and services industry that delivers smarter solutions to clients for faster growth in an ever-changing world. We build connections for growth through an approach that uniquely leverages the integration of our sales and marketing expertise from Thought to Bought®. Our commitment goes beyond providing clients with the relevant services they need. We adapt to changing dynamics in the marketplace to ensure smarter solutions that help our clients grow faster and more efficiently. Our industry-wide recognition of exceptional service is a legacy we have worked hard to create, and one we continue to build on every day. Our areas of expertise include Insights & Intelligence, Headquarter Sales, E-Commerce, Retail Merchandising, Shopper Engagement, and Consumer Engagement. Our solutions make an impact in-store across a wide range of retail channels, as well as out-of-store through “live” and digital engagement along the shopping journey.

We link consumers to brands, clients to customers, insights to ideas, and people to opportunities. Our strategic approach begins with personal, genuine connections. CROSSMARK exceeds expectations through passion, innovation, and collaboration.

Cameron Smith & Associates

Cameron Smith & Associates is suppliers’ first choice in recruiting for the competitive Walmart supplier job market, connecting qualified candidates to CPG jobs in Northwest Arkansas and throughout the country. Building on its deep roots in the vendor community and an unparalleled recruiting record, CSA has expanded its reach to Minneapolis, Seattle and other vendor hubs. CSA gives you an edge in securing talent to manage your business at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Walgreens and other leading retailers across the mass, club, e-commerce, grocery, drug and dollar channels.


WhyteSpyder helps Walmart and Sam’s Club manufacturers setup, manage, and optimize product data and content on Walmart.com and Samsclub.com. WhyteSpyder keeps with the strategic vision of Walmart and Sam’s Club when producing and managing content. We can use any distribution technology accepted by retailers that is beneficial for manufacturers and their agencies. Learn more about WhyteSpyder by calling 479-287-4006 or visiting www.whytespyder.com.

WhyteSpyder has sponsored this website to Doing Business In Bentonville® and will collaborate with them on events throughout the year.

Fetch Rewards

A Rewards Revolution – Easy, fun, and oh-so rewarding. We work directly with hundreds of beloved brands to bring you an entirely new way to go beyond just getting rewards. With Fetch, you feel truly rewarded.  In addition to earning points on EVERY receipt you snap, you’ll get even more when you purchase any of the 1,000s of items you’ll find in the app, from some of the world’s most popular brands. Receipts become points, points become rewards. Join the Fetch Rewards revolution today!

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