Apr 19

Accelerate the Omni-Channel Experience

Apr 19, 2018  |  The Four Points by Sheraton  |  Gabe Wight and Dale Treece

Conversational Search #WhyteBoardWar

Google Home, online grocery pickup, e-commerce, mobile apps, VR, last mile, in-store…

It’s all coming down to content.

Better content.


Smarter content.

Join Doing Business in Bentonville on April 19, 2018 for a WhyteBoard War between industry veterans Gabe Wight and Dale Treece as they deliberate the demands of today’s omni-shoppers for conversational search and how manufacturers can win by:

  • Converting the robot, AND
  • Converting the human (shopper)

Conversational search makes shopping more convenient. Convenience… shoppers expect it, retailers react to it and technology delivers it. Manufacturers can capitalize on it. But, many things are missing for manufacturers to win.

Conversational search requires a deeper dive into item-level data and content than ever before in history. To win, manufacturers must get serious in uncovering shopper search behaviors, predictive path-to-purchase modeling, eternal expansion of objective/subjective item attributes, appropriate content optimization/enhancement for indefinite channel environments and rigorous analytical interpretations for continuous improvement.

Manufacturers can be successful by embracing this new retail and discovering the proper strategy and tactics through this conference. Conference attendees will learn:

  • What does conversational search look like today and in the future
  • What’s the difference between conversational search and e-commerce
  • Why conversational search is significant for manufacturers
  • How artificial intelligence will impact shoppers, retailers and manufacturers
  • How manufacturers can participate today to achieve success

Get up-to-speed with conversational search and stay ahead of competition by attending this conference. Industry leaders, innovators, national account managers and e-commerce professionals are all encouraged to attend this event – you won’t want to miss it.

About the Speaker:

Gabe Wight

SVP, Client Innovations


Gabe Wight is a 20-year marketing professional with extensive experience in helping manufacturers develop brands and achieve sales growth goals through paid and organic marketing programs. His in-depth shopper marketing background, focus on digital shopper behaviors and ongoing conversations with industry-leaders in artificial intelligence enables Gabe to present a holistic perspective of the omni-shopper and omni-channel retail.


Dale Treece

VP, Insights, UX & R&D


Dale is an industry-veteran with over 30 years of experience in retail, analytics, CPG, in-store, and digital and social strategy and planning, and is known for his superior analytical and marketing research skills. Dale leverages multiple third-party and proprietary technologies along with a unique process to extract online shopper behavior insights. Dale’s interpretation of insights establishes a predictive analysis of subjective/objective content for contextual search and conversational search.