About Us

The Doing Business In Bentonville™ Walmart Supplier Speaker Series is all about increasing the business knowledge of current and future suppliers doing business with Walmart Inc. The retail environment in Bentonville is continuously changing and evolving. It’s critical for suppliers of every size to be on top of best practices, business expectations, and to understand what it will take to improve their business with Walmart and Sam’s Club.

“Doing Business In Bentonville” is a leading specialized speaker series company, led by Steve Schotta. The company has been in business for over 10 years and is well positioned for the future in this dynamic market. Steve has established excellent working relationships in Northwest Arkansas over the past 25 years. His experience spans across the supplier community and all levels of Walmart and Sam’s Club management. After successfully leading Kimberly-Clark’s Walmart Global support team, Steve developed new ventures in conference management, co-partnered in global supplier development, and served our community as the Executive Director of the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter – the largest emergency shelter for children in foster care.

Steve’s combination of past success and personal experiences results in unique skills to lead and facilitate our outstanding Steering Committee. Together they work to identify and prioritize the most relevant topics then seek the right content experts to address these topics via the Doing Business in Bentonville speaker series.